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Losing time by doing it yourself?

A lot of (starting) solopreneurs want to be in charge of their design their own website and logo. Because yes, good design can be expensive, while today there is a massive offer of free design tools out there where you can do it yourself?

Hooray you might say... Nonetheless, using tools like Canva, Squarespace, Wix, ... can make your design pretty generic as everyone uses the same templates. Also while these platforms make it look easy they're not that flexible and can have a learning curve once you want to make more advanced adjustments. Adding to that, doing it yourself becomes one of more thing on your plate, where it is easy procrastinate and actually never get it done.

At studiomotiv we get that and we jump in the gap between online tools and outsourced professional design. You get pro guidance in different tools and design skills, plus you get a strategic accountability partner that makes you get things done your way.

Ready to finally finish that website?

Who is this for?

As a small business owner or soloist you want to be in charge of your own design, website, ... because it's much quicker and you have everything under your control. You either don't want to hire someone or your budget simply doesn't allow it.

You've been postponing refreshing your website for a while now, because of other priorities or you're getting stuck in the free tools. You know you would benefit from someone guiding you through the different steps and still has an eagle eye view over your brand instead of losing time and building up frustration and self-pity.

Do you recognise yourself?

  • You value good design but you don't have the budget
  • You're losing time by looking at the wrong tutorials
  • Your design looks generic and doesn't speak 'you'
  • You're putting much effort in your design, but results are minor
  • You don't know how to speak to your audience
  • You keep procrastinating on finalising your stuff
  • You start to feel hopeless

What you can expect

In this program you get a supportive and empowering accountability partner and strategic brand designer at your side. You have a personal helpline which allows you to move on faster and save up time for other important stuff.

You'll get expert feedback and advice on what good design entails, along with tips & tricks to improve your designs and speed up the process. Always with the overview of the brand you're going for.

What are the options?

Option 1 — Pick-your-Brain Session

In this singular session you can ask all your questions and explain obstacles you have with designing your brand. We go over different tools that can improve your workflow. After the session your receive an extensive summary of what we discussed, solutions, what can be improved and some extra tips and tricks to help you along.

Option 2 — Power Brand Sessions

This is a modular package of 5 or 10 sessions of 60-90 mins. After the first session, where we discover the brand and discuss pain points, plan weekly or bi-weekly sessions for feedback and follow-up. Besides the sessions you're able to ask questions over email or Whatsapp.

Option 3 — Power Brand Sprint

Want to move fast? With a Power Brand Sprint we concentrate the sessions and have a quick turnaround. Book your free intro call below to discuss the brand and the workload before we proceed.

A simple first step

For he Pick-your-Brain Session click the button below and you'll be led to a booking page where you fill in your details. The session is only booked after successful payment.

For Power Brand Sessions or Sprints we connect first to see if we're a good fit. We get to know each other and find out more about your brand. If you feel good and are looking forward to our collaboration plan accordingly.

So if you're looking to nurture and grow your brand from the inside out, hit that button!

Finish that design


Do you guarantee success within 5 sessions?

Well, it depends, what does success mean to you? To be honest nobody’s life evolution is ‘fixed’ in 5 sessions. It is possible that you've gained insights that clear up the sky, but this is not guaranteed as so many factors have to be considered. What I will guarantee is that something will move, and you will start to gain insight in who you are.

What if it turns out you can’t help me?

You're always in control. If something doesn't work for you, you have the right to pull the plug. Read more in terms and agreements.

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Choose your own tempo
5 or 10 sessions of ± 1,5 hr
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Deep sessions in nature
4 or 8 sessions of 1/2 day
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Change is inevitable. Life is changing infinitely. But change can be hard. We are getting used to behave in certain patterns, even if they don’t help us. It’s not easy to leave the tunnel vision of what you do day in day out, because it is what you know. And don’t get me started on fear…

Being aligned with your vision, values and purpose gives you a drive that empowers you and your surroundings – oh yes they feel it! Unfold your true motive and become the (wo)man(x) with a mission again.

We're here to listen.

We help unfolding

Vision & Mission

Purpose & Values

Growth Mindset

Conscious Behavior

Aligned (work)life balance

Lifestyle Design

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Sounding Board

Choose your own tempo
5 or 10 sessions of ± 1,5 hr
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Sounding Board
On the road

Deep sessions in nature
4 or 8 sessions of 1/2 day


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