Zone of Genius

Everybody has a zone of genius where we operate from. When we’re aligned with our purpose and vision, we are so energised we can move mountains. In this state things feel effortless and we vibrate or shine a sense of confidence and positivity.

As the world is heading to a capitalist seizure at one side you feel another part stand up from the bottom. People start their own businesses and explore self-actualisation. Studiomotiv focuses on those entrepreneurs that (want to) go for their craft or passion. They want to build a living out of it and it gives them a sense of freedom. They live a life on their terms, pursue their dreams and follow their true motive.

While this road is greatly fulfilling, it's not the most easy one. At studiomotiv We tackle loneliness, blind spots and make you come back to your fundamentals for you to flourish. Taking it slow and back to the roots is our philosophy, in order to act consciously towards a sustainable business and life.

We explore your brands and businesses holistically and help unfolding your purpose and communcate it to the world. From planting the seed, nurturing the plant, to enjoying the fruits. Our zone of genius is where Life meets Business and Design.






A lot of things — if not, all things man has made — once started with a dream, a vision of what could be. In best case it sparks you, it ignites you to go out and realise that dream. Yet a lot of us stop there and walk away or even deny this subject for many reasons.

A dream or vision often means change. And change can be hard or might not always be welcome. We all are getting used to behave in certain patterns, even if they don’t help us. It’s not easy to leave the tunnel vision and break the circle, because it is what you know and feel comfortable in.

Through opening up your perspective and allowing the dream to become, knowing your values and purpose, you experience a the drive that comes from deep within and empowers you overcome internal and external obstacles. Dare to dream again and make it real. Become the (wo)man(x) with a mission!

Are you stuck in anyway? I’m here to listen.


Soulful Business

Those two words don't coincide you say? Well at studiomotiv we believe they do. We often have the belief that business just exists to generate money and greed. However if we explore a little further it can also be seen as a vehicle to do great work that is for the benefit of all. And therefor you have to be very conscious of why and how you conduct your business. How you lead and help others.

As you follow your dream and want to earn a living in just doing what you love, being an entrepreneur might not be the first thing you think of. Or you do think about it and it's the number one reason that is holding you back. Because there's a gap between your beliefs around business and the life you want to lead.

So how will business evolve in the future? We believe we all have a part in this. For that we explore new perspectives and models as degrowth, demotion, connection, true potential and motive, authenticity ... and how they can lead to conscious and sustainable business. A business that supports your way of life — and not the other way around.

Need help with building your brand or business? Let’s connect and flow!


Conscious Design

Design can go wide and have many meanings to people, but in its purest form you can say that it is materializing a dream, vision, idea or concept. It's creating something new from your imagination with a certain purpose or message.

Today we only design for projects that are transformational. With the direction and strategy in place we translate your vision and values in a clear and visual way.

When you're going DIY, we also consult and give feedback on your own design. Today there are plenty of free tools available and even with small adjustments we can elevate your design from amateur to pro.